Generating Pseudo Random Numbers in MATLAB

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3 thoughts on “Generating Pseudo Random Numbers in MATLAB

  1. RyuAran


    My name is Anna and I want to thank you for posting this code, I need to modify the code for a project digital image processing, where I need a pseudo random noise sequence and researching I came to this was reduced to generate a sequence of random numbers . The particularity of the noise I create is that I should only have values between -1, 0 and 1 and then there’s my mission. Thank you very much again!

    Sorry for my bad English 😛

  2. jskiles1 Post author

    Hi Anna. What type of distribution are you trying to generate these numbers under? Uniform, random, etc. See: for an easy way to generate matrices of uniformly distributed numbers and for normally distributed numbers.

    My method of generating random numbers is a bit cumbersome, but seemed to work for my application. It may not work for yours. Good luck!


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